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Generally, Arm Chaps protective sleeves are used in any situation where you need to protect your arms from scratches, cuts, bruising, and burns. Arm Chaps are also ideal for the many situations where you need additional wrist support or additional warmth..all while allowing total finger movement. We hope you can take a few minutes to learn about this unique product and its many uses. Thanks!

You are about to discover that Arm Chaps are the most comfortable, best protective sleeve for arm protection on the market today.  They provide more benefits by themselves then the combination of both gloves and shirt/jacket sleeves without getting in the way, plus they add wrist support and provide "adjustable" warmth, making them extremely versatile in many different situations.

The pictures below (from left to right) show how a person would put on a pair of Arm Chaps. They're very similar to gloves, however Arm Chaps have a thumb opening and a single opening for all 4 fingers. 

Trying on a pair......

NOTE:: Arm Chaps come in a variety of colors including Black, Tan, Light Brown, and Safety Orange. Please call us if a different color is needed.

Arm Chaps are made with high quality cow leather that's thicker than most gloves, yet soft enough to form-fit to your arm and hand after a few hours of use. Once broken-in, you'll forget you have them on..they're that comfortable!!! This leather acts as a tough outer layer which will help protect the skin from bruises, burns, cuts, scrapes, and many other injuries. This layer of leather also helps keep you warm in cold environments by warming the arteries in the arm. Arm Chaps also tie the hand and forearm together in a way that provides excellent wrist support without putting pressure on the wrist itself. This may be very beneficial for those with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Arm Chaps are not lined so they allow the skin to breathe without building up too much heat or causing the skin to feel itchy like many other wrist support devices.

Arm Chaps provide the following benefits in many different situations:
-Hand, Wrist, and Forearm Protection

-Wrist Support

-Helps prevent Bruising, Cuts, Scratches, Burns

-Protects people with very thin skin due to age, or medications they take

-"Adjustable" Warmth

-Safety in many situations

-Total Finger Movement Without Restriction

-Allows you to adjust the Air Flow going up Shirt/Jacket/Coat Sleeves

-And other benefits gloves or wrist support devices can't provide

Although Arm Chaps can be used in dozens of activities, we are focusing on just a few of them. Below are pictures that you can click on to be taken to a page that gives you more specifics of how Arm Chaps will improve that activity/situation. You can also click on the various "uses" found on the right side of this page (high-lighted in blue).


Find The Arm Chaps That Are Right For You.



Here's a short list of the situations that Arm Chaps are useful for::

  1. Arm protection for people who bruise easily (e.g., Blood Thinning medication users, Easy Bruising Syndrome, Lymphedema sufferers)
  2. Arm protection from bruising due to Warfarin, Coumadin, Plavix, Eliquis
  3. Arm protection from bruising due to taking aspirin for long lengths of time
  4. Protection from Actinic Purpura, Solar Purpura, Batemans Purpura in the forearm area
  5. People needing arm protection for very thin skin that easily tears & bleeds
  6. People who use crutches, forearm crutches, or walkers
  7. People with weak wrist (e.g., Carpal Tunnel Syndrome)
  8. People with poor circulation or arthritis
  9. People allergic to the sun light on their arms
  10. People with "special needs" (e.g., biting themselves)
  11. People in Physical Therapy or Rehabilitation environments
  12. People in wheelchairs, including those in sporting events
  13. Tree Service / Lumberjacks / Loggers
  14. Landscapers & Hedge/Shrub trimmers for forearm protection
  15. Gardeners/Greenhouse workers for arm protection against thorny plants
  16. Arm protection for Fruit pickers (e.g., Berries, Lemons, Apples, Oranges, Olives) trees
  17. Veterinarians of all kinds for arm protection from animal bites or sharp claws
  18. Farrier's (specialist in horse hoof shoeing & grooming)
  19. Farmers of all types for numerous activities including bailing hay, working on machinery, fencing
  20. Arm protection for poultry & other bird handlers with sharp talons
  21. Arm protection for Rabbit & Mink Ranchers from bites and sharp claws
  22. Arm protection for Fishermen & Mariners (includes Fish Processing vessels at sea)
  23. Arm protection for animal bites and general handling of animals of all types
  24. Meat Processing operations (cold room environments) that cutting the meat with sharp knifes
  25. Driving gloves for Truckers of all kinds and arm protection while securing loads or during truck maint 
  26. Mechanics (auto, bus, semi, aircraft, motorcycles, farm implement, etc...) for total forearm protection
  27. Quick Oil Change workers for arm protection again hot oil or cuts from sharp metal edges
  28. Muffler & Exhaust workers for arm protection from sharp metal edges and cutting torches
  29. Package handlers such as UPS, FedEx, US Postal Service for wrist support
  30. Bow & Gun enthusiasts, Hunters, Police, Search & Rescue workers for overall arm protection in thick brush
  31. Furniture & Appliance movers for arm bruising and wrist support and cuts & scratches
  32. Arm protection for Building Restoration & Demolition workers dealing with sharp metal/glass edges and rusty nails
  33. Arm protection for Hot plastic injection mold workers
  34. Welders that refuse to wear regular welding gloves due to hassle- providing a longer welding glove 
  35. Arm protection for Grinder & Metal workshop workers dealing with both hot and sharp metal edges
  36. Arm protection for Sheet Metal & Glass/Window workers due to the sharp edges that easily can cut them
  37. Arm protection for Sandblasting workers
  38. Arm protection for Barbed Wire & Razor Wire installers
  39. Carpenters, brick layers, electricians, plumbers, painters, etc..
  40. Heavy equipment operators and road construction workers
  41. Anti-vibration needs such as Jackhammer operators
  42. Manufacturing assembly line workers
  43. Warm sleeves for the Cold Storage workers
  44. Cut resistant sleeves that provide warmth for the Meat packing workers
  45. Parking ramp attendants & drive-thru restaurant window attendants (cold weather)
  46. Arm protection/warmth provided for Hot Air Balloonists & Small Aircraft pilots (Bush Pilots)
  47. Motorcycle, snowmobile, go-cart, dirt bike, ATV riders helping to prevent cold air from going up sleeves.
  48. Tool Rental shops, Wood Chipping rental shops
  49. Electrical Pole climbers
  50. Arm protection for Rock Climbers around sharp rock edges
  51. Arm protection for People handling fireworks (e.g., professional shows)
  52. Snowboarders, In-line skaters, skateboarders, downhill & cross country skiers
  53. Weight lifters & people who enjoy working out (down in a cold basement)
  54. Plastics Molding Injection operators
  55. Anyone looking for elbow length gloves for general protection that are fingerless
  56. Should your unique activity be listed here? Let us know.

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